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Winter Mix Nights with "Its Only Mick" 8-9pm.Fun Starts at 7.00 Finishes at 10.00.Why not join the gang.

  Join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of Children with Cancer and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

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      We here believe SUGARADIO is a world first, a virtually totally green radio station, everything we do is in house 90% of our equipment has been recycled from sound mixing desks to our servers dismantled and rebuilt to highest standards all with the help of our volunteers helping to reduce emissions for the better of our planet. In the future we are aiming for renewable energy to power the station.

   Whatever your skills or experience, we are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about well being of our  community. We have a range of opportunities for those who would like to be involved in to help develop new skills and experience, increase your portfolio, web design, news readers radio technicians to work with like-minded people to help spread the message of hope to Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas.

   It's a no brainier 250,000 residences predicted for Leamington Spa and its greater area in the near future. Covid19 Genetics are changing at an alarming rate, Global warming with heat waves, floods and poor weather conditions for the seasonal average.

Leamington Spa and its greater area requires its own down to earth community radio station, the infrastructure needs it. I'm the person with the knowledge to make this happen with the help of W.C.C and W.D.C

     Leamington Spa is a town in central England. Set on the winding River Leam, the town is known for its Regency architecture and broad boulevards. The colonnade next to the Royal Pump Rooms, a 19th-century bathhouse, which now houses the Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum.



Many thanks to Chris Bolsover from Campion School for his support and all others that support us, we strive to make this project happen for you and the community.

SugaRadio DAB 2022 Radio Ready.
Small-scale digital audio broadcasting (DAB) through (Radio Multiplex Services) an innovative technology designed to allow local stations to achieve affordable transmission on digital radio. As it stands at the moment FM is by far better quality, but DAB could possibly improve over the years, we will have to see.
Meet Jack. Age 6. Who wants to be the worlds greatest drummer. 'Can you help him'
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Leamington Spa Warwick


Max Tyler is a young aspiring DJ and Music Producer
from the UK who has kept the nation going during
2020 lock downs with his live Instagram DJ sets on
Friday nights. Maxs first track You Only Want Me was
released in July 2020 and reached Number 2 on the Itune
charts and number 3 on the Dance Charts beating the like
of Harry Styles, Lady Gaga and The Weeknd for 5 days!

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